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Tasting Notes

Vimto 2010 – Deep purple colouration, although some clarity remains. Notes of summer berries on the nose. Firm taste of blackcurrants and raspberries, with subtler remnants of oak and black pepper in the after-taste. Drink now.

7Up 2008 – Clear liquid. Good carbonation that isn’t overpowering. Scents include lime and bison grass. Minor hints of basil too. A strong citrus taste, discernible even to the novice. Less obvious are the hints of pine and cardamom. Wholeheartedly recommended

Coca Cola ’82 – Heavy on the nose with hints of caramel and earthiness. Strong flavours of molasses and fruit, enhanced by the low carbonation. Slight truffle character with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Slightly acidic after-taste. An experience to be savoured.

Dr. Pepper 2007 – Dark tint, almost completely opaque. Decent nose – mixed fruits stand out. Subtle scents of aniseed and ginger underneath. The flavours mirror the scent, with the addition of hints of cocoa. At its best now – don’t hesitate to drink.

Irn-Bru 2011 – Vibrant orange colour. Strong nose – plenty of orange and lavender. Less powerful to taste – clear flavours of citrus and burnt toast. OK, but would benefit from a few years’ maturation.

Crush 2010 – Good clarity, with yellow tint. Hints of pineapple and nettles on the nose. Little taste to start with. Good levels of carbonation allow the middle flavours of citrus and exotic fruits to come through. A slight hint of mango in the mild after-taste that doesn’t linger. Satisfactory.

Tizer 1997 – Pale red colour. Some sediment at the bottom, so requires decanting. Almost nothing on the nose – a minor hint of orchards. Very weak taste of summer fruits. Clearly past its best.


Rejected names for Jack the Ripper

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